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Wellness For Your Face and Body


At Alchemy you will see and feel your own natural beauty. Experience an ease of clear skin and youthful transformation with non invasive, deeply relaxing face and body treatments.  Confident, comfortable and beautiful! 

 Private Entrance. 

One to One services. 

 By Appointment Only 

Sorry No Walk Ins. Appointments 860.201.3806

Beauty Parlor

Our Story

 Established in 2011 by the visionary entrepreneur, Faith Ferratto, Alchemy Wellness Studio was more than just a spa; it was a haven where cutting-edge skincare technologies intertwined with holistic practices to unveil the innate beauty of each guest. At Alchemy Wellness Studio we continue to use the most up-to-date skincare technologies, carefully curated to deliver transformative results while remaining gentle and nurturing to the skin. Whether it was combating signs of aging, banishing stubborn blemishes, or rejuvenating tired skin, Alchemy Wellness Studio has the solution.

From Lashes to Full Body Treatments

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skilled services offered at Alchemy Wellness Studio, featuring a close-up of a client receiving eyelash extensions, eyelash l
The image reflects the studio's commitment to providing a serene yet effective skincare experience, promoting holistic wellne
a client receiving a non-invasive yet result-oriented radio frequency facial treatment at Alchemy Wellness Studio. The photo
Close-up image showcasing meticulously micro-bladed eyebrows at Alchemy Wellness Studio. Each stroke is delicately crafted by
 the essence of body treatments at Alchemy Wellness Studio, featuring a diverse group of individuals of different ages, gende
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