The Dermaplane Treatment:

 The exfoliation and hair removal from a dermplaning treatment leave your skin brighter and smoother. It softens fine lines, wrinkles and eases hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. Treatment products such as vitamin C and lactic acid. It's also an amazing treatment for deep acne scars.

$95 per treatment  Series of 6 /$510 smooth skin all year

HyalDew Shine: By MN or microneedling Hyaluronic Acid into the skin we opt for a longer lasting effect, supporting the skin with a glowing, plumped, bouncy flesh. By swaddling your skin in a moisture soup we encourage neocollagenisis (a natural component of wound re- pair. The formation of new collagen results from an inflammatory response to injury) and slows aging. Reducing lines, dark circles and smoothing the skin. Recommended treatment Once a month: 

$135 per treatment Series of 4/ $440 Series of 6/$600 have amazing skin all year long.

By appointment only.  860.201.3806