The Hydra Facial Treatment is an advanced skin treatment.

Using water to exfoliate, get rid of black heads, deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin. Results are flawless, extremely clear, beautiful skin. 

Treatment Only: 30 minutes $75

The "Glass Skin" or as we like to call it "Goddess Skin Facial"  Uses Hydra Dermabrasion for a deep cleansing and light peel. Then we layer, first a mask with essential vitamins, impose them into your skin with Radio Frequency (tightens the skin) next 2 layers of vitamin C which brighten and even skin tone. A layer of  peptides are applied (line softening effect) Second mask with an occlusive effect to really push those layers into the dermis. Finish with a deeply relaxing facial massage, customized moisture or oil  balancing cream and hyaluronic acid. The finish is a more plump, lifted, pore less looking skin, Goddess Skin. 75 minutes $125

By appointment only.  860.201.3806