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       Consultation: $50 to be applied to total appointment cost. 

COLOR CORRECTION In Microbladed Eyebrow, Ombre Brows, Permanent Eyebrows.

Faded, blue, red, purple brows? Color correction is my specialty. 

SCARRING Often times our brows will not take color any longer. This is due to scar tissue. At Alchemy, I have studied specifically to remedy this problem. Lets get your brows the way you want them.

REMOVAL Regrets, wrong color, too big, too dark. Please schedule a consultation. 



Scalp Pigmentation: Thinning hair and balding areas on the scalp can have us feeling self conscious.

Scalp micro pigmentation gives a "hair follicle" look to those blank areas. Making the hair appear fuller.


    Upper or Lower Lid $250 Permanent eyeliner touch up included

Upper and Lower Lid permanent liner $350(price includes upper and lower enhancement, touch up) Be sure to check out before and after photos by clicking the link above!!

*Tail: extra $50* 

    Brows: Hair Stroke Micro Blade Brows: $350(includes  touch up)If you struggle with putting on your eyebrows daily. Then micro blade eyebrows may be just for you. Natural hair strokes to fill in blank spaces, make micro blade brows allow you to look natural.

Ombre Brows, Eyebrows:$350 This Brow has a softer look in the front by the nose, more defined look through the arch of the brow to the tail. Powder Look Eyebrow effect.

Brow Color Correction Consultation $50

   Lip Blush tattoo. Try your color before you commit!With a patented system that matches your outcome. Call or text us! 860.201.3806 Definition of the lip, sheer natural color(includes touch up)$300


   Beauty Mark $75

Scalp Micro-pigmentation Before and after:

Call for appointments and questions. 860.201.3806. Thinking of a Lip Blush Tattoo? We can try your Lip Blush  color prior to inking it. Enhance your natural lip line, even an uneven lip line, refresh your color with a natural looking Lip Blush!



Lip blush/ Lip tattoo
Beautiful Permanent Lip Color

I woke up looking like this= Permanent Make Up(Micro Pigmentation) since 2001. Permanent cosmetics are an option for those who desire a "base" for their daily routine. Permanent makeup is an Art not a Science. Results vary for each and every individual.98% of clients require a touch up after initial application. Permanent makeup and Micro Blade Brows enhance color, shape and harmonize eye brows, lip, and eyes. It is also used to produce brows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of over plucking, alopecia, chemotherapy or genetic disorders., Disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo.(in smaller areas And can be used to restore or enhance the breast's areola, such as after breast surgery.

All micro blading equipment is one time use disposable. Tattooing equipment is one time use and disposable.

Faith Ferratto/Alchemy Wellness Studio is licensed by the state of Connecticut for cosmetic tattooing/ is OSHA compliant.Blood Born Pathogens  Holds American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certification.

 I look forward to working with you, Faith Ferratto LPMU, CT Licensed Tattoo Artist, Licensed Esthetician,  Licensed Lash Artist

Permanent Cosmetic Training Available. Call 860 201 3806 Never stop your education!