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Did you say "Decolletage'"?

Updated: May 31, 2021

Many of the non-invasive procedures that make the face more youthful can also work well on the décolletage. And at Alchemy Wellness Studio I have been working on just that!

I offer light chemical peels that are specifically developed for the décolleté area. In my opinion peels are the back bone of good skin care routine.A glycolic peel is particularly excellent for smoothing fine lines with minimal downtime. Glycolic peels are known as cellular peels and work at the cellular level causing the cells to shed a little at a time rather than sheets of skin.

For best results I recommend the skin to be treated at home with an alpha hydroxy skin care to condition the skin prior to the peels for at least two weeks( There are a few affordable suggestions to start with at the bottom of this page and easy to shop from Amazon)

Results can be seen in as little as one treatment but a course of 6 peels will leave you with smoother, more even toned skin. I suggest a peel once every other week because each peel will penetrate a little deeper addressing the fine lines and discoloration.

Another alternative method that targets thin skin and thickens the skin is micro needling.It throughly addresses fine lines scars and uneven skin tone. Yes! microneedle the décolleté. When done at a low depth, I add antioxidant and peptide rich serums to nourish the skin at a cellular level. There may be a temporary reddening of the skin but it usually goes within 24 hours. A course of six treatments once every four weeks is recommended. After that the natural healing process last for several months in which the skin will continue improving. Maintenance is advised every 3 to 6 months depending on the age and condition of your skin.

Here are some anti aging products that you can use at home to get your neck and décolletage looking smoother and more even toned. Along with product suggestions you should be using an SPF and bringing your facial moisturizer down your neck it onto your décolleté area. If you want to see more of a difference in your skin call Alchemy Wellness Studio 860.201.3806 for a consultation or appointment.


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